Publication Date

I have neglected this blog because Meeting the Masters and Albion Awakening have taken up my time but I now have a publication date for Remember the Creator which is March 29th in the UK and April 1st in America.

Here is the blurb on the back of the book.

Remember the Creator is a book about the reality
of God and how to become aware of that reality.

Starting from personal experience, it moves on to look at the
evidence for God’s existence and then considers what sort of God he might be. The teachings of Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta are examined but seen as incomplete in the light of the truth that the deepest level of reality must include the personal. Further chapters discuss atheism, morality and suffering, and how these are to be understood from the perspective of a Creator and his purpose in creating, before the conclusion is reached that any true revival of spirituality in the West should be linked to Christ. Finally, we reflect on the modern world and ask what humanity needs to do to throw off the strong sense of alienation it currently suffers from.

And here are links to its pages on Amazon U.K. and Amazon U.S. where you can, if you wish, browse through some of the pages.


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