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I'm leaving this blog dormant for the time being since a book based on some of the posts is currently being prepared for publication. 

The 'blurb' for the book is as follows:

Remember the Creator is about the reality of God, and how everything should be seen in the light of that fundamental reality. Starting from personal experience, the book moves on to looking at the evidence for God’s existence and then considers what sort of God he might be. The teachings of Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta are examined but their basically non-theistic forms of spirituality are seen as incomplete in the light of the truth that the deepest level of being is and must be personal. Other subjects covered include atheism, morality and suffering and how each of these should be seen from the reality of a Creator and his purpose in creating, before the conclusion is reached that any true revival of spirituality in the West should be linked to Christ. However current forms of Christianity are shown t…