The Elusiveness of God

I was very fortunate in that I was given something quite close to living proof of the reality of God. Spiritual beings of great love and wisdom who described themselves as his messengers came and spoke to me. But most of us are not so fortunate. Many people yearn for a sign from God but it is not forthcoming, not in a direct and obvious way certainly.

So often people ask, in varying degrees of frustration, how can God, if he is really there, not be apparent? If he is the Supreme Being and the foundation of all that is, how can it be that we are completely unaware of him and there is no sign of him either inside our minds or out there in Nature? No definite irrefutable sign anyway. This is such an important subject representing, as it  does, a stumbling block to so many that it must be addressed by anyone who proclaims that belief in God is fundamentally a moral matter, a question of will as much, if not more, as faith or intellect.

The first and obvious point to make is that the brain is a physical thing and under normal conditions it filters out or cannot receive input from non-physical levels. God is not a physical being. Though he is present in physical matter (or else it could not be), he, in himself, is spiritual. Please note that I am saying 'he' but I am not at the moment concerned with arguing for the personal or impersonal nature of the absolute though my stance on that score will be plain. Here I just use the word God to mean the spiritual truth behind the manifested universe and the source of everything real.

The second point is that it is perhaps we who have cut ourselves off from an awareness of God or spiritual life. By identifying ourselves exclusively with ourselves we have descended further into matter. We have turned our backs on God because we have focused on our own little self as it is known by the mind, and the more we have done that, the more we have created a false reality for ourselves. I am not saying that we create our own reality (that's obviously not the case, there is an objective reality), but our mind can distort reality to reflect its own preconceptions and that is what we have done in this instance. We have identified with a particular type of mentally based consciousness and that has cut out God who can only be known when we are not identified with the individual self.

And then there is another point. Why are we in this world? What is it that we are here to do? Let us assume the reality of God which is fair enough when one is asking why we can't perceive him if he is there. So assuming God exists why does he send us to this material world instead of leaving us safe and sound in spiritual bliss? It can only be for us to develop in ways that would not be possible in spiritual bliss.  The fact is that if you knew God was there, absolutely knew because you could see it, then you could not develop real goodness yourself because that comes from making the decision, which must be freely made, to love and trust God and to consciously put yourself on his side. This decision can only be made when the fact of God is not present to make it for you. You have to consciously embrace goodness and truth when the opposite is present. Indeed, you have to consciously embrace those things when they are hard to embrace in order for them to be part of you. 

All human beings are potentially aware of God. The knowledge of God is in the very fabric of our being. The presence of spirit is clearly perceptible in Nature too. However if we are to learn what we should while in this world then we must, to an extent, be cut off from higher realities which realities we must then consciously recapture by our own efforts. This is clearly a risk and the separation from the source can be taken too far as seems to have happened in the modern world but for God, who wants his children to grow up and become more and more like him rather than be slaves or automata, it is a risk worth taking, and who can say that he doesn't have fail safe mechanisms built into the system?


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