Evidence For God

There are then good reasons for God's apparent absence from the world but still I think most people would instinctively tend to believe in him, even nowadays, were it not for the fact that they are told by those they consider more qualified than themselves that there is no evidence. Professional scientists and philosophers have looked but not found and they can't all be wrong, can they? There is actually plenty of circumstantial evidence for God from religion, tradition, intuition, form and quality of the world, sense of goodness, love and beauty and so on. However there is admittedly no material evidence. But then why should there be?

What people mean by no evidence is evidence that would convince them on a physical or mental level, scientific evidence, but that is a strange thing to expect of a spiritual being or of spirit per se which by definition is immaterial.

If reality is spiritual how could it be detectable to beings functioning only through their material selves?  If there is a creator why would we expect to see him in his creation as though he were part of creation? He may be within it as its being but, in himself, he is outside it, transcendent to it.

God is not an object of knowledge. He is not a thing to be known as one knows created things, as one thing among others. He can only be known through being, that is through becoming him or realising him within oneself, but that is a purely spiritual knowledge that can be known intuitively but is not known through the rational mind.

If we want to know God through our minds we are asking the impossible. It simply cannot be done because the mind is a material thing. You cannot know spirit through matter. You cannot prove the reality of spirit on a material level or in ways that convince a material being. Any God that could be known by or proved to the mind as we currently conceive it would not be a true God but some other created being with a created form and nature. So the fact there is no material or outer evidence for God rather counts in his favour!

But there is another reason that there is no direct proof of God in this world.  If there were it would make it much harder for us to grow up spiritually. We need to let go of God's hand to find Him within ourselves and start the process of inner transformation that develops the spiritual seed within us. We are forced to reach within and begin to stand on our own spiritual feet. In doing so we expand our horizons and develop spiritual qualities in a way that would not be possible in a situation in which there existed no choice as to the reality of God. This way we make our spirituality our own and not something that is, as it were, applied to us from without like a coat of paint.

So be grateful there is no proof of God. I wouldn't go so far as to say that very fact constitutes a proof, but if I did it would not be an entirely ridiculous thing to say. I do say though that the absence of material proof is precisely what gives us the opportunity to become truly spiritual ourselves. By having to reach up to God we develop our own spiritual muscles and can become more like him in a way that would not be possible if he came down to us on the level at which we currently find ourselves. We have to stretch to grow.

If you are asking for evidence for God then you simply don't understand what God is. He is not a thing. As I said above, he is not an object. Having said that there is one very solid piece of evidence for God and that is you yourself. Yes, you are the proof of God. You, a person, a unique individual with free will and consciousness, a sense of right and wrong and a feeling for truth and beauty. You are the living proof of God, you and the sense of 'I am' within you. For your 'I am' is nothing less than the true image of God, the imprint of God stamped into your being. I am is God.


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