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Evidence For God

There are then good reasons for God's apparent absence from the world but still I think most people would instinctively tend to believe in him, even nowadays, were it not for the fact that they are told by those they consider more qualified than themselves that there is no evidence. Professional scientists and philosophers have looked but not found and they can't all be wrong, can they? There is actually plenty of circumstantial evidence for God from religion, tradition, intuition, form and quality of the world, sense of goodness, love and beauty and so on. However there is admittedly no material evidence. But then why should there be?

What people mean by no evidence is evidence that would convince them on a physical or mental level, scientific evidence, but that is a strange thing to expect of a spiritual being or of spirit per se which by definition is immaterial.
If reality is spiritual how could it be detectable to beings functioning only through their material selves?  If t…

The Elusiveness of God

I was very fortunate in that I was given something quite close to living proof of the reality of God. Spiritual beings of great love and wisdom who described themselves as his messengers came and spoke to me. But most of us are not so fortunate. Many people yearn for a sign from God but it is not forthcoming, not in a direct and obvious way certainly.

So often people ask, in varying degrees of frustration, how can God, if he is really there, not be apparent? If he is the Supreme Being and the foundation of all that is, how can it be that we are completely unaware of him and there is no sign of him either inside our minds or out there in Nature? No definite irrefutable sign anyway. This is such an important subject representing, as it  does, a stumbling block to so many that it must be addressed by anyone who proclaims that belief in God is fundamentally a moral matter, a question of will as much, if not more, as faith or intellect.
The first and obvious point to make is that the brain i…