The title of this blog comes from something I was told by my teachers many years ago. (See here or here for a book describing that experience). It is a phrase so simple as almost to pass unnoticed but I think it contains a key to the whole of the spiritual life. It's like a seed that can grow  into a mighty tree, if it is planted in fertile soil and correctly tended and watered.

These writings will be published in the form of a blog but I am actually hoping to make it read more like a book in that each post will roughly follow on from the last rather than being conceived entirely separately from its companions. There will still be chapters or sections but the individual parts are meant to form a unity though they can be read in isolation too.

The subject of this blog is God. You might wonder what qualifications I have for writing about this, the subjects of all subjects. Can I claim an intimate acquaintance? No. Have I ever met him? Not really. Do I actually believe in him? Absolutely and with all my heart. I believe in God and I believe that God is the ultimate fact,  the one to which everything  else must refer and without which nothing else makes any sense. I feel it is that which gives me the, I won't say right, but opportunity and maybe even, in this day and age, duty to write about him.

So I shall be writing from the point of view of someone for whom the reality of God is a given. I may occasionally try to give rational reasons for believing in him but the fact is this world is set up in an extremely clever way in that there is not quite enough evidence to either believe or disbelieve if one goes solely by outer facts accessible to unsupported reason or logic. There is enough to indicate God but not enough to conclusively prove him so we have to make the leap of faith or, as I would rather put it, we have to respond on a different level to that of mere reason. It's a kind of test of our ability to transcend the self-centred mind and listen to the heart though, there is, of course, a right and wrong way to do this. That's why it is traditionally said that faith is a matter of the will rather than the intellect.

This blog came about because it was suggested that I assemble some of my posts on Meeting the Masters into a more coherent form. Frankly it was too daunting a task to go back and edit 250 odd posts. I'd rather just write something new though I may, from time to time, incorporate some of those earlier posts, either complete or in part, here.


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