Evidence For God

There are then good reasons for God's apparent absence from the world but still I think most people would instinctively tend to believe in him, even nowadays, were it not for the fact that they are told by those they consider more qualified than themselves that there is no evidence. Professional scientists and philosophers have looked but not found and they can't all be wrong, can they? There is actually plenty of circumstantial evidence for God from religion, tradition, intuition, form and quality of the world, sense of goodness, love and beauty and so on. However there is admittedly no material evidence. But then why should there be?

What people mean by no evidence is evidence that would convince them on a physical or mental level, scientific evidence, but that is a strange thing to expect of a spiritual being or of spirit per se which by definition is immaterial.
If reality is spiritual how could it be detectable to beings functioning only through their material selves?  If t…

Where Is God?

This seems a good point to insert a post from Meeting the Masters which has relevance to the theme we are currently considering. Where is God?
Practically everyone must have asked themselves this question at some point. If God exists why is he not plainly visible or, at least, why is his presence not detectable in some way? 
There are actually several answers to this depending on where you are coming from. To begin with you can just reject the question and say that God's presence is clear if you look properly. It is clear internally from the fact of your being, your consciousness and your individuality. All these things speak a divine reality. None of them can be explained by a strictly materialistic conception of the world. They all involve something more than what can be measured or perceived by the senses, and individuality, the sense of 'I', actually requires a prototype, a divine I AM. The Buddhist idea that it is just an assemblage from component parts, that the whole …

The Elusiveness of God

I was very fortunate in that I was given something quite close to living proof of the reality of God. Spiritual beings of great love and wisdom who described themselves as his messengers came and spoke to me. But most of us are not so fortunate. Many people yearn for a sign from God but it is not forthcoming, not in a direct and obvious way certainly.

So often people ask, in varying degrees of frustration, how can God, if he is really there, not be apparent? If he is the Supreme Being and the foundation of all that is, how can it be that we are completely unaware of him and there is no sign of him either inside our minds or out there in Nature? No definite irrefutable sign anyway. This is such an important subject representing, as it  does, a stumbling block to so many that it must be addressed by anyone who proclaims that belief in God is fundamentally a moral matter, a question of will as much, if not more, as faith or intellect.
The first and obvious point to make is that the brain i…

The Masters

In both the book and the blog Meeting the Masters I have tried to describe the nature of the spiritual beings who spoke to me. I wish I could do them justice but my powers of description fall short. They inspired both love and respect, even a certain amount of awe, in me and I don't consider myself as someone easily impressed. In India I met people from Maharajahs to well known holy men but none of them could hold a candle to the Masters. Michael, who had led a very sophisticated life mingling with English aristocracy and political leaders on the one hand, and film stars and celebrities on the other, said the same thing. He did not speak to them as I did (naturally, since he was their medium) but they communicated with him clairaudiently and he told me he sometimes saw faces of great beauty and dignity. He had met princes and priests and everyone in between. No one, he said, could begin to compare with the Masters.

This was not because of anything as mundane as charisma or force o…

First Steps

I have told the story elsewhere of how I met someone in a bookshop in London who initially opened my young mind up to the reality of the spiritual world. But briefly, this person was in his early sixties and had been at one time a Benedictine monk before later exploring Buddhism and Indian spirituality with the Ramakrishna mission. A typical spiritual dilettante, you might think, who had hopped from one thing to another but never stayed anywhere long enough to go deeply into anything. But that was not the case. He was a genuine seeker who had been unable to find a spiritual home. He was, and remained until the end of his life, a Christian and a churchgoer but he could not completely reconcile any outer approach with his inner feelings, something I think that is more and more common today. Now we have the opportunity to explore many different kinds of spirituality which is surely to our advantage but I wonder if it is an unalloyed good. In the past there was usually just one approach t…

In The Beginning

In 1978 I was adrift in a world that made no sense to me. I was 22 years old with no purpose in life because life offered nothing that answered the questions I had inside me which I could barely formulate but which boiled down to a search for meaning. But there was no meaning. There was be born, go to school, get a job, get married, get a family, work and die. That was more or less it. You could supplement it with music, art, entertainment and romance or sex but none of those seemed to me to offer more than escapes from the grim reality of a meaningless existence.

I was ripe for conversion. The cynic would say that I was open to any illusion that would offer me some escapist comfort, and one cannot deny that some people do turn to religion for just this reason, but I was not of that sort. I was not seeking a faith or belief system in which I could feel at home or any kind of outer thing which is what those often are. I was searching for something which properly answered the lack of me…


The title of this blog comes from something I was told by my teachers many years ago. (See here or here for a book describing that experience). It is a phrase so simple as almost to pass unnoticed but I think it contains a key to the whole of the spiritual life. It's like a seed that can grow  into a mighty tree, if it is planted in fertile soil and correctly tended and watered.

These writings will be published in the form of a blog but I am actually hoping to make it read more like a book in that each post will roughly follow on from the last rather than being conceived entirely separately from its companions. There will still be chapters or sections but the individual parts are meant to form a unity though they can be read in isolation too.

The subject of this blog is God. You might wonder what qualifications I have for writing about this, the subjects of all subjects. Can I claim an intimate acquaintance? No. Have I ever met him? Not really. Do I actually believe in him? Absolu…